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iPads being offered in business class by Philippines Airlines

Philippine Airlines recently announced that it is seeking towards the services of a new in-flight entertainment provider to offer state-of-the-art entertainment to the customers booking for business class Cheap Airfare flights or traveling in the economy class.

 The airline in a statement stated that it has selected IFE Services as the new provider of in-flight entertainment to the customers traveling in business class and economy class on trans-Pacific flights.


 The agreement says that, the IFE Services would provide contents for all main screen, personal TV and audio video on-demand (AVOD) systems that are currently installed across Philippine Airlines’ fleet.

The content package to be offered to the customers includes TV shows with audio, Filipino films, and latest release as well as classic Hollywood movies.


On trans- Pacific flights i-Pads will be provided to all the customers purchasing business class tickets or even undertaking travel in economy class. Each iPad will feature casual games, TV shows, music albums, regularly updated package of Hollywood, classic and international movies, and also Philippine Airlines’ Mabuhay magazine.


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Chinese airline’s to get eight-(8) Dream liners

The China Southern Airlines will be receiving eight Dream liners, becoming the first airline in the country to use the Boeing 787 plane after the local aviation regulator gave the approvals for the aircraft.

The Guangzhou-based carrier will be taking delivery of up to eight B787-8s this year, with the first one expected by early next month.


Air China, the country’s leading carrier, and its subsidiary Shenzhen Airlines yesterday signed a deal to buy a total of 100 Airbus and 320-series planes for $8.85 billion.

The delivery of Dream liner was much-delayed due to incidents stemming from the over-heating of the aircraft’s lithium battery.

All the 50 787s delivered worldwide were pulled out from the operations and the aircraft’s production was suspended.


The South China Morning Post reported today, “We will be deploying the Dream liner on the Beijing-Guangzhou route for a soft launch before expanding to other Cheap domestic Flights destinations”.

The carrier will be putting the wide-bodied airliner on international services for three months after plying on the mainland routes.

China Southern has ordered 10 jets, as was done by its smaller counterpart Hainan Airlines.

It is understood that Hainan Air will be taking delivery of the first 787 in the middle of the next month, with plans for three more by the year end.

Cheap Airfare offers Air China, which has ordered for 15 of the aircrafts, will not be taking delivery of the first plane until 2016.


Boeing has resumed the deliveries of the 787 this month after the United States federal aviation administration cleared the plane’s return to commercial service on April 19, three months after it was grounded.