Emirates Airline has cut down cheap business class Airfares

Emirates Airline recently offered slashed business class cheap Airfare to its customers in an attempt to increase occupancy on its business class flights. The airline said that it is trying to deplete premium traffic in the U.S. and Europe and wants to adjust its losses by cutting fares to worldwide destinations.

The airline’s 3 day sale on its business class worldwide finished recently. The airline offered low cost business class tickets for travel between the month of July and August 2013. The business class airfares offered by the airline was about 20 percent less than the conventional fares.


Emirates Airline currently provides services to 134 destinations across the globe. The Emirate airlines operates185 weekly cheap airfare flights to India alone. The airline runs daily five flights to Mumbai with every flight having 42 cheap business class seats.

With daily five flights to Mumbai, Emirates Airline provides 210 business class seats to this destination alone, which needs to be crammed up by the airline in any case.


Currently, Emirate Airlines is providing flight services to ten destinations in India and has flown 26 million passengers from here in the previous ten years.


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