SKYTRAX greatest cheap Business Class Airline Seat prize for JAL SKY SUITE

Passengers buying business class air tickets on Airlines Japan and roving in its SKY SUITE must be having a immense airborne experience. The airline’s JAL SKY SUITE was only just presented with the Best Business Class Airline Seats honor from SKYTRAX.

Airlines Japan is the first Japanese carrier to be given this reward at SKYTRAX’s -2013 World Airlines Awards ceremonial held newly at Paris Air illustrate.


The reward is given based on the world’s biggest airline traveler satisfaction analysis conducted each year.

JAL SKY SUITE emerged at the apex in this award category because of its admirable consumer privacy and its seat width in the fully reclined flat-bed place.


Travelers from above 160 countries took part in the yearly SKYTRAX’s World Airline Awards inspection, which enclosed more than 200 airlines.

Japan Airlines ongoing to establish its new JAL SKY SUITE in its international fleet of air Boeing 777-300ER aircrafts in this January 2013. These new cheap airfare seats are now being presented on the Tokyo-New York and airline’s Tokyo-London routes.



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